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My Story

I have been working as a successful hairstylist since I was 19 years old.  I have always loved skin and hair care needs.  I’ve been selling hair care and skincare products for many years.  My goal was to listen carefully to many clients over the years discuss their skin, scalp, and hair concerns. 

As I have grown older and maybe a little wiser I’ve realized the importance of the ingredients in products.  I also have my own skin issues including rashes, itching, and random bumps.  I’ve become more aware that ingredients in the products can also help my skin concerns.  So why not create my own line to help benefit not only myself but also help others. 

Each product has been carefully formulated, tested and handmade with love.  This creates products that anyone of any age can use without any worries.  THE KEY IS SIMPLE INGREDIENTS THAT HELP HEAL AND PROTECT YOUR SKIN!